Native advertising campaigns are designed specifically with the end goal in mind; generating content engagement with consumers. To do this, the three pillars of native ads must be respectively perfected. Listed below are the blueprints to native ads campaigns that can increase brand awareness, drive users to content, and track engagement. 

1. Good Visuals

Images and video have undoubtedly become the most revered vehicles of content distribution. They’re responsible for making an invaluable first impression, and speaks volumes about your campaign overall. And with ever-shrinking mobile screen sizes, every pixel matters. An appealing native ad begins by employing the power of visuals to create aesthetically striking and compelling content consumers won’t miss. 

Make a lasting impression by incorporating these concepts into your creative: 

  • Simplicity is key, so be sure your image does not appear cluttered 
  • Use high-resolution images (300 pixels per inch or above)
  • Eliminate any and all text overlay 
  • Feature people when possible and consider light, composition and colors of the image. 

Here is a good example:

2. Capture Attention 

Avoid going unnoticed by arming your campaign with truly captivating content. Steer clear of phases that suggest click bait (i.e, "You'll never guess what happened next...") which tends to yield high bounce rates. Provide some valuable insight while being mindful that your goal is to engage your readers, not sell to them. 

Here's an example of good copy:

Headline (up to 62 characters): The AT&T Park Like You've Never Seen It Before

Body (up to 120 characters): Visiting San Francisco? Here are ten events during the Giant's 2015 season that you don't want to miss! 

3. Have a Proper Landing Page

Is your landing page an unexpected departure from what your native ad suggests? Once users are driven to your landing page, its high time to consolidate the their trust by delivering on the content your native ad promised. Don’t surprise your consumer with anything unexpected like a home page or sign up form, which can evoke feelings of deception, causing user to leave as quickly as they arrived. Build credibility and gain trust by aligning your ad with the landing page as closely as possible.

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